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Possible delays to iPhone 5 production?

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Production at a factory in Taiyuan, China, supplying components for the new iPhone 5, has been halted after a mass brawl involving 2,000 workers and 5,000 Police!

Workers clear up glass from a security office near the entrance to the Foxconn plant

Apparently a ‘personal dispute’ between several employees escalated into a full scale riot! Unconfirmed video online shows crowds several hundred strong in the streets, overturned cars and smashed windows.

The company that owns the factory, Foxconn, have announced that it will be closed today, though two or three days of production may be lost, before it can reopen. Apple have not yet confirmed if the delay will affect supplies of the new iPhone.

It’s likely that the dispute was caused as a result of heavy handed security guards reportedly beating up one or more of the workers! I wonder if Apple will set the video to cutesy music and include it in their next TV ad?

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Sophos goes to rehab!

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

No longer content with a diet of the occasional false positive, it seems that Sophos may have taken the ultimate path to self-destruction.

False positive

With the barely a hint of irony, last night’s update of the Sophos anti-virus system has managed to detect itself as a virus!!


Reassuringly, the response from Sophos has been that although there is no cure for this detection, the warnings would eventually stop, once the update had finished cleaning itself up.

I look forward to the day when all software is able to display this level of maturity and become self-aware of its own failings. Windows would shut itself down and refuse to restart and Adobe CS might decide it’s too expensive and give itself away for free on the internet!

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Time to ditch IE!

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

According to PC Pro, security experts are warning that users should stop using Internet Explorer for a week or so, after the discovery of it’s latest security flaw!

The zero-day vulnerability came to light last week and can allow attackers to infect the PC of somebody who visits a malicious website and then take control of the hardware.

Microsoft are expected to release a fix ‘within a week’, but in the meantime have issued a recommendation to install their wonderfully named ‘Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit’ and then adjust several Windows security settings, which might, however, ‘impact on the PCs usability’! Hmm…

I think I might best enhance my mitigation experience, by following the advice of PC Pro’s slightly more pragmatic security experts, and switch to Chrome for a couple of weeks instead!

Watch out for even more of the ‘use our wonderful browser’ adverts during the Corrie ad break, as a result!

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HP Sauce!

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Never previously known as a company fond of flogging dead horses, I see that HP are set to have another go at producing a tablet to challenge the iPad!

Less than than a year after pulling the plug on their webOS TouchPad device, they plan to unveil a new Mobile Global Business Unit aimed at producing consumer devices, but haven’t decided yet whether to nail their flag to the mast of Windows 8 or Android (tough choice!)

However, I certainly wont be standing in any queues to buy another HP tablet! I was lucky, in that I won my TouchPad as a competition prize, however, if I’d forked out £400 to buy one, only to find the operating system dropped and the hardware being flogged off for £75, only a month after it’s launch, I would not have been overly chuffed!

Apparently the new HP division, ‘dedicated to delivering the best mobility solutions in the industry’, will be headed by a guy who was formerly the vice president at Nokia! The words ‘Ship’ and ‘Sinking’ come to mind, so I’m off to sell some shares…

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