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The Movember Bucket List

November 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Today, I’d like to take a temporary break from my normal subject matter to thank everyone for their generous support and sponsorship of myself and my colleagues at Barton Willmore during our Movember fundraising efforts.

Clint, as my facial growth became to be known, had but a short time with us and by way of tribute to his departure today, I present below, in it’s entirety, his 30 day ‘Bucket List’ adventure! He will be missed.

November 1st: Mr and Mrs Bevan are pleased to announce a new addition to the family. His name is ‘Clint’ and he has taken up residence on Mr Bevan’s upper lip. Although Clint will only be with us for 30 days, he intends to lead a full and exciting life and has already started work on his ‘Bucket List’


November 2nd: Today, Clint got off to a flying start and surprised us all by Running with the Bulls at Pamplona!


November 3rd: Today, Clint travelled to Buenos Aires and learned to Tango!


November 4th: Today, Clint visited the Oktoberfest and got completely mullered!


November 5th: Today, Clint threw himself out of a perfectly good aeroplane and went skydiving!


November 6th: Today, Clint’s first novel, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey Facial Hair’, became a No.1 Bestseller!


November 7th: Today, Clint enjoyed a freshly rolled cigar in Havana!


November 8th: Today, Clint bathed in the Ganges during Makar Sankranti, and caught dysentery!


November 9th: Today, Clint and a couple of friends rode the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest rollercoaster, at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi! 0-149mph in 4 seconds… easy!


November 10th: Today, Clint went to Vegas and bet it all on red!


November 11th: Today, Clint was photographed with Christ the Redeemer in Rio!


November 12th: Today, Clint drove the Nürburgring in under 10 minutes!


November 13th: Today, Clint joined the list of people you’d like to see throw themselves off a bridge, and went bungee jumping in New Zealand!


November 14th: Today, Clint paid a visit to the ‘Hottest’ place on earth, Death Valley in California. Though actually, he found it all a bit boring, so came home again.


November 15th: Today, Clint livened things up a bit and went to New Orleans to party at Mardi Gras! Nice.

15. Mardi-Gras2

November 16th: Today, Clint risked a nasty case of frostbite on his extremities and took part in a Boxing Day Dip!


November 17th: Today, Clint got in touch with his feminine side, and danced at the Rio Carnival!


November 18th: Today, Clint swam in the ‘Devil’s Pool’ on the edge of Victoria Falls! Though the diving board did put the willies up him a bit.


November 19th: Today, Clint went back to University and studied for a Masters Degree. We are all very proud of him!


November 20th: Today, Clint drove the entire length of Route 66, on his computer with Google Street View!

20. Route 66

November 21st: Today, Clint swam with wild Dolphins! However, he found it quite dissatisfying, as the whole experience didn’t have any real porpoise!

21. Dolphins

November 22nd: Today, Clint blew the crap out of everything, during Chinese New Year in Shanghai!

22. Chinese New Year

November 23rd: Today, Clint needed to calm his nerves, so took a leisurely flight in a hot air balloon! He was last seen somewhere over the North Sea, approaching the Norwegian coastline.

23. Balloon

November 24th: Today, Clint threw tomatoes at a bunch of complete strangers during La Tomatina in Spain!

24. LaTomatina

November 25th: Today, Clint was in Times Square at midnight on Christmas Eve! Then he realised he’d got the wrong day!

25. Times_Square

November 26th: Today, Clint joined Fight Club, but he can’t talk about it!

26. Fight_Club

November 27th: Today, Clint’s post-modern impressionist piece ‘A Big Pile of S***’, won the Turner Prize! Which was nice.

27. Crap

November 28th: Today, Clint vowed to live without using any form of modern technology for a whole month! He lasted about 2 hours before he got a bit twitchy and went back to using his BlackBerry (as that didn’t really count, he said).

28. Technology

November 29th: Today, Clint watched a documentary on ‘freestyle’ rock climbing! ‘Stuff that for a game of soldiers!’ he thought, and went to the pub instead.

29. Mountain

November 30th: Today, Clint quit the rat race and went to live in the sun, the sea and the sand, on a tropical beach!

The lucky b***ard!


Thanks again to everyone who has sponsored Clint’s adventure! Any further donations will always be welcome at:

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Blackberry to finally allow VOIP calls over WiFi?

November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

One of the great frustrations I have with our Blackberry fleet is their inability to tap into our VOIP telephone system to make free calls over WiFi.

I was temporarily heartened therefore to see an article in ITPro this week that suggested RIM were about to finally do something useful and allow WiFi calls from their handsets!

Great, I thought, at last, a working VOIP app, or maybe even Skype, but no! On closer inspection, this great leap forward is no more than RIM offering voice calls over the Blackberry Messenger service (BBM).

Great for the BBMers, but as a business user, it still does nothing to bridge the gap between RIM and the competition and allow us to utilize their handsets in an integrated voice and data system.

On the plus side, at least next year, the rioters will be able to speak to each other for free when arranging their next target, but for me, RIM have aimed slightly wide of the mark, once again.

This month, I will be attempting to grow facial hair on my upper lip in support of Movember and Prostate Cancer UK. If my humble prose has inspired you to sponsor my efforts, please visit

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Eeny, Meeny, Mini, Moe?

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

I think Apple have rather missed a trick, by not including GSM phone connectivity in the new iPad Mini.

As the new device is designed to be more portable than the original iPad format, usable in one hand and fits nicely into a jacket pocket, it would have been a huge bonus to be able to make phone calls from it (without suffering the unpredictability of Skype or other VOIP services, that is).

OK, you’d probably want to use a headset, rather than look like a prat talking into a thing the size of a paperback book, but having the ability to easily make a phone call anywhere would have been a nice touch. As the Mini’s form factor is also much more suitable for in-car mounting, the lack of GSM looks like a big let down!

Presumably Apple don’t want to risk impacting on iPhone sales, but with GSM, the Mini could have created it’s own market from those of us who’d rather not cough up for both an iPhone and an iPad.

Damn it, now it looks like we’ll just have to buy all three!……

This month, I will be attempting to grow facial hair on my upper lip in support of Movember and Prostate Cancer UK. If my humble prose has inspired you to sponsor my efforts, please visit

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What’s in a Name?

November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

I have to say I’ve been somewhat bemused by the change of name at Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile.

It would seem that their Marketing Executive has decided that the original name was something of a mouthful and might be improved by abbreviating to the rather catchy ‘ E E ’, which clearly rolls off the tongue in a much more comfortable way!

I presume the company felt that there was a compelling reason for the change, perhaps to give themselves a URL that’s easier to type or to help promote a globally identifiable image. Unfortunately, the first image it conjured up for me, probably isn’t what they were aiming for!


This month, I will be attempting to grow facial hair on my upper lip in support of Movember and Prostate Cancer UK. If my humble prose has inspired you to sponsor my efforts, please visit

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Windows 888

November 2, 2012 Leave a comment

So, has anyone chosen to ignore their years of experience and taken the plunge to upgrade their business desktops to Windows 8 yet?… No, me neither!

According to ITPro, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, recons that 4 million upgrades occurred over the opening weekend and that “tens of millions” of corporate copies have shipped! They may well have been “shipped”, but I suspect most of them will be sitting on the shelf for a while yet.

I’m just not convinced by the look and feel of Windows 8, it looks like a vending machine control panel or a device to enter your work preferences at the Job Centre! And it will probably be all those things, in time, as Microsoft no doubt intended, but because it’s SO different, it’s definitely not good for business!

I still have nightmares over the support chaos that ensued after they moved the ‘Print’ button in Office 2007 and I won’t be rushing into that mistake again! I think I’ll be sticking with the Start Menu in the bottom left for a while yet, anything else is just too much of a gamble!

This month, I will be attempting to grow facial hair on my upper lip in support of Movember and Prostate Cancer UK. If my humble prose has inspired you to sponsor my efforts, please visit

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