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Has Apple lost the plot with the iPhone 6?

October 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Back in 2010, the late Steve Job’s, Apple’s founder, famously said “No one’s going to buy a big phone!” Four years later, the current CEO Tim Cook, has proudly unveiled Apple’s latest flagship product, the iPhone 6, in 2 screen sizes, the new standard 4.7” and the whopping 5.5” Plus model, both considerably larger than the Jobs inspired iPhone 5.

Was this the common sense Apple applied when designing iPhone 6 without Steve Jobs?

In 2012, when Apple delivered Steve Jobs’ legacy in the form of ‘the best iPhone ever’, the video ad at the time proclaimed the “dazzling display of common sense” of being able to reach all 4 corners of the screen with your thumb, whilst holding the phone in one hand. It was beautifully simple, elegant and just plain common sence.

Back then, Apple were the design innovators that others would imitate, today, however, the rolls have reversed. There seems little reason for Apple to abandon the ethos of their visionary leader and produce a larger phone, other than to try and emulate the success of the large screen Android phones that dominate the smartphone markets outside of America and Europe.

However, Apple have missed the point. Android phones don’t dominate just because they are large, it’s because they are a cheaper and (possibly) better alternative! The iPhone 6 starts at $649 (P29,000, without a contract) and top of the range is an eye watering $949 (P42,000). That’s an almost impossible sum for the majority of the World’s population to afford. By contrast Google’s Android One, which launched in India recently, is just $105 (P4,700), and carrier subsidies could reduce that to around $60 (P2,600). Apple are not going to win this battle with any size of phone!

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The perils of fake phone chargers

June 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Mobile phone users should take note of the death of a 28-year-old Australian woman, electrocuted while using her laptop and mobile phone.


Sheryl Anne Aldeguer was killed on 23 April and suffered extensive burns to her chest and ears from her laptop and earphones, while using a counterfeit mobile phone charger.

It is believed the phone charger sent a high voltage electrical charge into her phone, which she was using at the time, and this was conducted to the earphones connected to her laptop.

The case is being investigated by Australian police, and has prompted warnings about the dangers of using fake USB adaptors. The incident echoes the death last year of Ma Ailun, a 23-year-old Chinese flight attendant, who died in similar circumstances while taking a call on an iPhone 5 that was plugged into a non-apple USB charger.

Last year a New York woman claimed her iPhone 4S spontaneously melted, oozing acid that destroyed the handset and a UK man was burned and thrown across the room by an electric shock, when an iPad charger exploded in his hand.

In February last year, a house fire in Oregon was blamed on an overheated MacBook battery and in 2011, an iPhone 4 caught fire on an airplane flying over Australia.

It’s highly likely these, and many other anecdotal incidents, are all the fault of poorly made counterfeit chargers. Whilst there is a clear temptation to save money on buying fake chargers for a fraction of the cost of the genuine item, it’s a saving that could prove very costly in the long run.

Unlike a fake Rolex watch or Louis Vuitton handbag, these fakes can kill you!

The counterfeit chargers are usually made with cheap and inferior components and leave out much of the protective insulation, resulting in a risk of electrocution or fire. They also have less power than the genuine chargers, so take much longer to charge your device, putting additional strain on the battery and can cause overcharging.

There are, however, over 600 million Apple devices in use around the world with only a few reported incidents. The use of genuine Apple products is very safe, but cheap counterfeit chargers are likely to add a very significant risk.

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Blackberry to finally allow VOIP calls over WiFi?

November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

One of the great frustrations I have with our Blackberry fleet is their inability to tap into our VOIP telephone system to make free calls over WiFi.

I was temporarily heartened therefore to see an article in ITPro this week that suggested RIM were about to finally do something useful and allow WiFi calls from their handsets!

Great, I thought, at last, a working VOIP app, or maybe even Skype, but no! On closer inspection, this great leap forward is no more than RIM offering voice calls over the Blackberry Messenger service (BBM).

Great for the BBMers, but as a business user, it still does nothing to bridge the gap between RIM and the competition and allow us to utilize their handsets in an integrated voice and data system.

On the plus side, at least next year, the rioters will be able to speak to each other for free when arranging their next target, but for me, RIM have aimed slightly wide of the mark, once again.

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What’s in a Name?

November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

I have to say I’ve been somewhat bemused by the change of name at Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile.

It would seem that their Marketing Executive has decided that the original name was something of a mouthful and might be improved by abbreviating to the rather catchy ‘ E E ’, which clearly rolls off the tongue in a much more comfortable way!

I presume the company felt that there was a compelling reason for the change, perhaps to give themselves a URL that’s easier to type or to help promote a globally identifiable image. Unfortunately, the first image it conjured up for me, probably isn’t what they were aiming for!


This month, I will be attempting to grow facial hair on my upper lip in support of Movember and Prostate Cancer UK. If my humble prose has inspired you to sponsor my efforts, please visit

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Possible delays to iPhone 5 production?

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Production at a factory in Taiyuan, China, supplying components for the new iPhone 5, has been halted after a mass brawl involving 2,000 workers and 5,000 Police!

Workers clear up glass from a security office near the entrance to the Foxconn plant

Apparently a ‘personal dispute’ between several employees escalated into a full scale riot! Unconfirmed video online shows crowds several hundred strong in the streets, overturned cars and smashed windows.

The company that owns the factory, Foxconn, have announced that it will be closed today, though two or three days of production may be lost, before it can reopen. Apple have not yet confirmed if the delay will affect supplies of the new iPhone.

It’s likely that the dispute was caused as a result of heavy handed security guards reportedly beating up one or more of the workers! I wonder if Apple will set the video to cutesy music and include it in their next TV ad?

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Skirting the RIM

August 9, 2012 Leave a comment

It looks like those plucky chaps over at Research In Motion are still persisting with their efforts to break into the tablet market with the release of the PlayBook 2.

The new PlayBook 4G LTE, in stores on Thursday.

The device launches in Canada today, and in Europe ‘shortly after’, according to PCPro, and is currently retailing at around $549.

The big difference to the old PlayBook is that the new device is now available with 4G LTE connectivity and sports it’s own email, calendar and contacts, so no longer requires pairing with a separate BlackBerry handset. A technical triumph that finally sees the PlayBook match the capabilities of just about every other tablet on the market!

However, there is some doubt that the new PlayBook will ever reach the UK as RIM has not yet confirmed in which European countries they will be releasing the device. Add to that the likelihood that 4G LTE services will not be available in the UK until the end of next year and the future of the PlayBook 2, on these shores at least, looks a little more limited.

The good news for RIM however, is that after months of decline, their stock market value has jumped this week. Unfortunately, this had nothing to do with the PlayBook launch, but on renewed speculation that Samsung are looking to buy out the company to get it’s hands on their BB10 operating system!

I really can’t see this device changing my mind on steering well clear of investing in my own Blackberry. It’s not that I think the name ‘PlayBook’ is thoroughly daft for a device aimed at the business user, but by the time the tablet reaches the UK, RIM might just have gone over the edge!

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O2 Customers targeted by spammers

July 19, 2012 Leave a comment

It seems that those pesky spammers have been at it again! This time targeting the poor unfortunate O2 customers desperate to return to the connected world in the face of last week’s service outage.

Talk about kicking a man when he’s down!

The emails claim to come from ‘The o2 Team’ and invite victims to log on and protect their account with a security update!

As usual, of course, the spammer gives himself away with the deft use of Pidgin English in the second sentence, but for a few O2 customers, shaking with rage or withdrawal symptoms, the subtly may have gone unnoticed.

If, like me, you are lucky enough to receive one of these (copied below, with links removed), you had better watch out or your O2 account may give rise to a case of “O @#*%!”

[O2 Logo]

Dear customer,

We would like to apologise for the service disruption some of our customers have been experiencing. As part of on going upgrade to our services, we have introduced a better security update into network for better services.

Click the link below to protect your account with the new security update.


The o2 Team


O2 Customer Service
Please note that this email has been sent to you from an unmonitored email account so we will not be able to respond to any replies to it. If you need more help, please visit our online Help Centre at
Telefónica UK Limited, Registered Office 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX.
Registered in England and Wales No. 1743099.


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