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Falling with style!

July 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Yesterday evening brought new hope to all of us ‘Couch Olympians’ who have often dreamed of achieving sporting glory, but have always lacked the talent and commitment required.

Last night’s action in the Men’s Team Gymnastics final, saw the plucky British team cruelly robbed of a silver medal by a Japanese gymnast who managed to fall off the apparatus, with style! After initially being docked points for the fall, the Japanese team protested that the fall had been rather more stylish than initially judged and succeeded in restoring the half point needed to regain the silver medal and demote our guys back to bronze.

Falling with style to win an Olympic silver medal! Hell, I could do that!

As of this morning I have begun a rigorous training regime aimed at achieving glory at the 2016 Games in Brazil. My training will include throwing myself over the back of my sofa, with style and taking a header down a flight of stairs. As long as I mange to land on my feet, I should be OK.

I’m also looking for a prospective partner to train for the 10m synchronised belly-flop event, but I’ve had no luck, so far!

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Blame it on Twitter!

July 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Apparently Twitter cost Team GB a stick-on Olympic gold medal at the weekend!

Data-hungry crowds spoil Olympic TV coverage, archers alerted

If, like me, you sat down on Saturday afternoon to watch Mark Cavendish win the Men’s Cycling Road Race, only to be disappointed as our boy never even got a sniff of the leading riders, we can blame it all on technology (or rather the lack of it!)

Nothing to do with Box Hill, or negative Australian tactics, or being knackered after 3 weeks touring in France, it was all down to the amount of Twittering going on around the course!

Unlike in the Tour, Cavendish, Wiggins and Co. didn’t have radios to get information on where the other riders were and instead, had to rely on officials with blackboards riding pillion on motorbikes, to keep them informed!

But even they were struggling to know what was going on, due to a mobile data bottleneck from the rider’s GPS systems, as huge volumes of Tweets were swamping the data network. It’s a wonder therefore, that they managed to get to the finish at all!

Never mind Cav, there will always be next time. I’m sure the data networks in the Amazon Jungle will put deepest, darkest Dorking to shame! (You know they will!)

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An Easy Mistake!

July 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Who would have thought that the women’s football would have caused the first major excitement of the 2012 Olympics!


(I think that’s the right one!)

In a classic display of incompetence the 2012 Officials at Hampden Park, yesterday introduced the North Korean players under the South Korean flag! You really have to admire stupidity like that, we’ve truly raised it to an art form!

According to the Telegraph, the British Olympic Association chairman Colin Moynihan has tried to excuse the incident by saying that if Team GB had run out to a flag of another team he would have understood that it was down to human error and not any kind of malice.

Regardless of the rights or wrongs of North Korea, these two countries are technically still at war and I think Lord Moynihan is sort of missing the significance! Yes, if, in a far flung land, the GB team walked out to the American flag, the French national anthem, or God forbid, the Union Jack flown the wrong way up, we could laugh it off. But what if it was the Nazi Swastika, would we still see the funny side? I’m not so sure.

It’s the player’s I feel sorry for however, as they’ve clearly missed the perfect opportunity to claim political asylum with newfound citizenship of the South and avoid spending the rest of their lives in a labor camp, when they don’t win the latest Great Leader a medal!

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