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Eeny, Meeny, Mini, Moe?

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

I think Apple have rather missed a trick, by not including GSM phone connectivity in the new iPad Mini.

As the new device is designed to be more portable than the original iPad format, usable in one hand and fits nicely into a jacket pocket, it would have been a huge bonus to be able to make phone calls from it (without suffering the unpredictability of Skype or other VOIP services, that is).

OK, you’d probably want to use a headset, rather than look like a prat talking into a thing the size of a paperback book, but having the ability to easily make a phone call anywhere would have been a nice touch. As the Mini’s form factor is also much more suitable for in-car mounting, the lack of GSM looks like a big let down!

Presumably Apple don’t want to risk impacting on iPhone sales, but with GSM, the Mini could have created it’s own market from those of us who’d rather not cough up for both an iPhone and an iPad.

Damn it, now it looks like we’ll just have to buy all three!……

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HP Sauce!

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Never previously known as a company fond of flogging dead horses, I see that HP are set to have another go at producing a tablet to challenge the iPad!

Less than than a year after pulling the plug on their webOS TouchPad device, they plan to unveil a new Mobile Global Business Unit aimed at producing consumer devices, but haven’t decided yet whether to nail their flag to the mast of Windows 8 or Android (tough choice!)

However, I certainly wont be standing in any queues to buy another HP tablet! I was lucky, in that I won my TouchPad as a competition prize, however, if I’d forked out £400 to buy one, only to find the operating system dropped and the hardware being flogged off for £75, only a month after it’s launch, I would not have been overly chuffed!

Apparently the new HP division, ‘dedicated to delivering the best mobility solutions in the industry’, will be headed by a guy who was formerly the vice president at Nokia! The words ‘Ship’ and ‘Sinking’ come to mind, so I’m off to sell some shares…

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