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Windows 888

November 2, 2012 Leave a comment

So, has anyone chosen to ignore their years of experience and taken the plunge to upgrade their business desktops to Windows 8 yet?… No, me neither!

According to ITPro, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, recons that 4 million upgrades occurred over the opening weekend and that “tens of millions” of corporate copies have shipped! They may well have been “shipped”, but I suspect most of them will be sitting on the shelf for a while yet.

I’m just not convinced by the look and feel of Windows 8, it looks like a vending machine control panel or a device to enter your work preferences at the Job Centre! And it will probably be all those things, in time, as Microsoft no doubt intended, but because it’s SO different, it’s definitely not good for business!

I still have nightmares over the support chaos that ensued after they moved the ‘Print’ button in Office 2007 and I won’t be rushing into that mistake again! I think I’ll be sticking with the Start Menu in the bottom left for a while yet, anything else is just too much of a gamble!

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Windows 8 Will Be a $39.99 Upgrade!


Lifehacker have reported that Windows 8 will be available in the US for just $39.99, as an upgrade, when it’s launched later this year.

So after exchange rate conversion, that will probably be about £250 in the UK! Quite a bargain really!

Windows 8 Will Be a $39.99 Upgrade for XP and Above

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