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Has Apple lost the plot with the iPhone 6?

October 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Back in 2010, the late Steve Job’s, Apple’s founder, famously said “No one’s going to buy a big phone!” Four years later, the current CEO Tim Cook, has proudly unveiled Apple’s latest flagship product, the iPhone 6, in 2 screen sizes, the new standard 4.7” and the whopping 5.5” Plus model, both considerably larger than the Jobs inspired iPhone 5.

Was this the common sense Apple applied when designing iPhone 6 without Steve Jobs?

In 2012, when Apple delivered Steve Jobs’ legacy in the form of ‘the best iPhone ever’, the video ad at the time proclaimed the “dazzling display of common sense” of being able to reach all 4 corners of the screen with your thumb, whilst holding the phone in one hand. It was beautifully simple, elegant and just plain common sence.

Back then, Apple were the design innovators that others would imitate, today, however, the rolls have reversed. There seems little reason for Apple to abandon the ethos of their visionary leader and produce a larger phone, other than to try and emulate the success of the large screen Android phones that dominate the smartphone markets outside of America and Europe.

However, Apple have missed the point. Android phones don’t dominate just because they are large, it’s because they are a cheaper and (possibly) better alternative! The iPhone 6 starts at $649 (P29,000, without a contract) and top of the range is an eye watering $949 (P42,000). That’s an almost impossible sum for the majority of the World’s population to afford. By contrast Google’s Android One, which launched in India recently, is just $105 (P4,700), and carrier subsidies could reduce that to around $60 (P2,600). Apple are not going to win this battle with any size of phone!

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Joy Unsurpassed!

December 13, 2012 Leave a comment

After 3 months of being lost in the wilderness, it’s being reported today that Google Maps has finally made a return to the iPhone!


News reports are stating that Google Maps can, from today, be downloaded through the App Store and used on iOS 6.

However, having searched for it on the App Store a few moments ago, Apple couldn’t find it!

Nothing new there, then!

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Possible delays to iPhone 5 production?

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Production at a factory in Taiyuan, China, supplying components for the new iPhone 5, has been halted after a mass brawl involving 2,000 workers and 5,000 Police!

Workers clear up glass from a security office near the entrance to the Foxconn plant

Apparently a ‘personal dispute’ between several employees escalated into a full scale riot! Unconfirmed video online shows crowds several hundred strong in the streets, overturned cars and smashed windows.

The company that owns the factory, Foxconn, have announced that it will be closed today, though two or three days of production may be lost, before it can reopen. Apple have not yet confirmed if the delay will affect supplies of the new iPhone.

It’s likely that the dispute was caused as a result of heavy handed security guards reportedly beating up one or more of the workers! I wonder if Apple will set the video to cutesy music and include it in their next TV ad?

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A very Siri mistake!

August 13, 2012 Leave a comment

According an article in last week’s ITPro, the battle for supremacy between Apple and Google is about to reach new heights, with the release of Google’s new iPhone app, which will feature enhancements to it’s voiced-based search technology.


The new app is being seen as a direct response to the success of Apple’s Siri technology, which is threatening to reduce the reliance on Google’s search services for iPhone users.

In celebration of the impending madness of even more smartphone users shouting random questions into their handsets (as if listening to their conversations wasn’t bad enough!) the remainder of my opinions in this post are dictated directly into Siri…

The platypus could not be used indoors…

I said, the play bus should not see rude encores…

…I’m sorry Andy, but I can only look for businesses in the United States, and when you’re using U.S. English.

…I can’t answer that. But I could search the web for it, if you like.

…I’m sorry Andy, but I don’t understand “You can go kiss my arts”

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